Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement
For Medical Instrumentation


Jack M. Millay
Biomedical Engineering Consultant

Specializing in the Design of
Automated Blood Pressure Measuring Equipment

A SpaceLabs Ambulatory BP MonitorThe design of equipment for accurately and non-invasively measuring blood pressure involves many factors and techniques that are not well-known to those who do not have extensive experience in the specialty.  Jack Millay has been an Engineering Manager and consultant involved in the design of biomedical instrumentation for twenty years.

Jack can help your design, manufacturing and testing groups in several areas including:

  • Designing blood pressure measuring equipment

  • Improving the performance of existing equipment

  • Developing and refining the measurement algorithm

  • Designing and conducting clinical tests

  • Achieving FDA and ISO certification

  • Testing and evaluating blood pressure devices

  • Designing blood pressure cuffs, pumps and components

For more information about Jack Millay, see his resumé.

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Contact Information

Phone:  503-649-3772