Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement
For Medical Instrumentation


Jack M. Millay
Biomedical Engineering Consultant

Professional experience 

Jack Millay's specialty is the development, refinement, and qualification of non-invasive blood pressure measuring equipment.

Jack has many years experience in the development of electronic instrumentation.  He has spent the last twenty years in the biomedical field.  Jack has most recently been an independent consultant, working with Aarden Thomas, Accumar, Biotrac, Cardiac Science, Criticare, Siemens Medical, Pharma-Smart, QuiCare, Quinton and Vital Insite.

Jack has evaluated various OEM blood pressure measuring modules, developed blood pressure cuffs, consulted on algorithms, developed clinical procedures and testing plans, consulted on blood pressure validation methods, conducted clinical trials, solved performance problems, and provided general engineering support.

He has extensive experience in algorithm development, device development, device testing and evaluation, valves, pumps, clinical testing and cuff design.

Jack also has experience in developing SpO2 sensors, Holter recorders, semiconductor measurement equipment, and various other electronic measuring instrumentation.

Director of Engineering

Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Jack was Director of Engineering at Spacelabs Medical and at Instromedics.  At Spacelabs, he was responsible for managing the development of non-invasive blood pressure devices including ambulatory blood pressure products.  He developed two of the world's most successful devices, the 90207, and the 90217.  He enjoyed enough success in this development that he was assigned the responsibility of resolving shortcomings in the other Spacelabs blood pressure devices. These include bedside and public use devices.


Jack holds seven patents in the field of blood pressure measurements.

Professional memberships

Jack Millay's LabJack Millay is a member of the AAMI sphygmomanometer committee. He has participated in the development of SP10 and other standards. Jack is a former member of the American Society of Hypertension. He has also worked with the IEC blood pressure safety committee. Jack has worked with French, German, Japanese and Austrian regulatory agencies and has assisted two companies in becoming ISO Certified.

Contact Information

Phone:  503-649-3772